Fancy Walnut Stuffed Dates

fancy walnut stuffed dates

Fancy Walnut Stuffed Dates are a snack or appetizer made by stuffing pitted dates with walnut halves. These bites are a delicious and healthy snack or dessert, perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth while providing beneficial nutrients from the dates and walnuts. They are also vegan and gluten-free, making them a versatile option for entertaining guests with dietary restrictions.

Fancy Walnut Stuffed Dates

Recipe by Recipe CookCourse: Dessert, AppetizersCuisine: Middle EasternDifficulty: Beginner


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Fancy Walnut Stuffed Dates- earthy tasting walnuts complement sweet tasting dates


  • 1 package Deglet Noor dates

  • 1 package whole walnuts

  • fine granulated cane sugar


  • Cut an opening in each date and stuff half a walnut piece in each date. Close date around walnut half.
  • Roll dates in sugar and cover completely.